The Story so Far.....


The Dark Tyranny of the Empire is felt throughout the Galaxy, from Coruscant to Nar Shaddaa. The Jedi Order, once Guardians of the Peace in the galaxy is now but a fading memory, no longer the glimmer of hope it used to be. The Stormtroopers, once fighting for the populace, now hound its every move. Suppression of non-human species has led to slavery and poverty. Though not all is Lost…
On the Zel Sonn space station, orbiting the Core World of Bentraal, a shuttle docks and its passengers leave. Entering the promenade, they are pushed aside by several Stormtroopers chasing a young women, who appears to be badly wounded. Three figures step forward to pretect the poor women. A blaster is fired, held by a Droid, who stands defiantly against fist of the Empire. Thus, a Rebellion is born!

The player characters HK-47, Varidium Salabos manage to rescue the women, who, when within the confines of her room, reveals to them that she is an agent from Alderaan. She was sent to retrieve some cargo, though she is unwilling to reveal its contents. When asked, she reveals her name is Maya. HK-47, who was sent to escort Maya safely to Aldreaan agrees to assist her. Varidium Salabos, told to assist her by his comapanion accompanies the Droid.
Maya informs the heroes that she was supposed to be meeting a droid by the name of Switch, in Storage Bay V14. The heroes investigate V14, where true to Maya‘s word, they meet Switch, a droid information broker. After a long, drawn out conversation with Switch, they learn that the cargo is in fact a frozen Alderannian scout, returning from the Deep Core, before they can learn more, however, the heroes are interupted by blaster shots from outside Bay V14. Through the door bursts a rather mean Rodian called Ganga Lor. A fight ensues between the heroes and Ganga Lor’s thugs. Luckily, the heroes subdue the thugs and Ganga Lor, rescueing Switch and preserving their information….



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