Varidium Salabos

MaleHumanJedi 1


Class- Jedi
Race- Human
Level- 1
Exp- 900

Str- 15
Dex- 15
Con- 16
Int- 16
Wis- 17
Cha- 18

Fort- 15
Ref- 14
Will- 15

Hp- 33
DT- 15

Speed- 6
Init- +7
Per- +8
Base attack bonus- +1
FP- 5

Acrobatics: +2
Climb: +2
Deception: +4
Endurance: +3
gather Information: +4
Initiative: +7
Jump: +2
Knowledge (Beuraucracy): +8
Mechanics: N/A
Perception: +8
Persuasion: +14
Pilot: +7
Ride: +2
Stealth: +2
Survival: +3
Swim: +2
Treat Injury: +3
Use Computer: +2
Use the Force: +9

Weapon Proficiency (Simple, Lightsabre)
Force Training
Skill Focus (Persuasion)

Adept Negotiator

Force Powers-
Mind Trick, Mind Shard, Thought Bomb, Obscure

Negotiator’s Robes


Born into a rich family on Ord Mantell, you always had a nack for percuasive talk. Discovered by the Jal Shay, a force sect whose numbers were dwindling, requested that they take you into the Order to be trained. You grew under the tutelage of Master Adrin Knak, and you soon elevated to the rank of Initiate. Master Knak discovered your adptitued for Mind Affecting powers, and altered your training to suit your capabilities. Together on a mission to Brentaal, you both find yourself aboard the sel Zonn station.

Varidium Salabos

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