My Poor Stormtroopers...

After rescueing Switch, the droid was more than helpful. He told them everything he knew concerning the frozen Alderaanian Scout. They discovered it was hidden by Switch in a Hanger Bay on Blue Deck. Blue Deck is very much Imperial territory, so with typical droid logic, Switch assumed the cargo would be safe there. After this little discussion, Switch requests the aid of the pair in smuggeling some Corellian Ale he ‘aquired’ recently to Alderaan. As payment for their services he offers to supply them with transport to Alderaan aboard ‘The Excalibur’, a vessel flown by one of his employees, one Lance McNeil.
Switch informs the party that Lance and his co-pilot Lizean Akai are waiting for them in Gundark’s Cantina in the Promenade. So the the pair of reluctant heroes procede to Gundark’s Cantina..when the droid suddenly remembers the lack of describtion given to them by Switch, so, being the subtleless droid he is, HK-47 starts asking every ‘meatbag’ if they are Lance, oblivious to the disgruntled replies he recieves. Varidium, however, decided to ask the bartender about his contact, who points him in the direction of a shadowy booth near the back. The droid recieves some information too, though in the form of a female human dragging him to the booth. So the party finally complete, decide to make their way to Blue Deck. Along the way, Varidium recognises a rather sneaky human activly trying to avoid their sight. This scum of Imperial society was present during the shoot-out at the promenade. When confronted by Varidium, who decides to remain with the slimeball while the others proceed to the hanger, he introduces himself as Skig. He manages to swindle his way out of any accusations whilst edgeing towards an approaching Stormtrooper Patrol.
Meanwhile, in the Hanger Below things arent fairing so well for our party. When the turbolift doors hiss open they are confronted by a group of Stormtroopers, one of which is brandishing a rather large gun. They request that the group return from whence they came. Once again, HK-47 proves himslef as subtle as a very un-subtle thing, and with a very eccentric NO he proceeds to search every crate he can see, ignoring the Imperials around him. However, one Lizean Akai turns out to be similarly un-subtle, though in a more violent form. Despite the unagressive nature in which the Stormtroopers where requesting their retreat, the co-pilot of the Excalibur felt that my poor Stormtroopers should be annilated at once. Though he wouldve prefered a less violent approach, Lance Mcneil felt he should assist his co-pilot in her endeavour and similarly proceeded to blast anyone in sight, though rather badly by many standards. So, in no time at all, the patrol was neutralised, though not very subtlely. Eventually finding the crate they were looking for, the gang of trigger happy fellows, finally joined by a rather late Varidium felt it was time to abandon ship, considering the much larger and now more aggresive patrol that was on its way!
Fleeing aboard the Excalibur, HK-47 reveals his new toy, he had looted the heavy-weapon from the stormtrooper!! So, whilst in hyperspace he decides to try it out, opening the cargo hatch and firing off a few rounds. Elsewhere on the ship, Lizean was taking apart a blaster carbine that she had ‘aquired’, and when she tried to reassemble it, messsed up rather wonderfully and blew up the gun.
When they arrived on Alderaan, they were met by ASD, who recognised their agent droid and took the cargo from within the ship. Requesting that the party accompony him, the agent took them to a large estate on the outskirts of the city. There a butler met them and took them to a large room with a rather spacious table. There they met Senator Organa, who turned out to be HK’s employer. After paying them a rather hefty sum, he requested that they leave. Though Varidium remained behind and had a rather interesting encounter of his own…
Back in town, Lance is approached by a Twi’lek who turns out to be his contact on Alderaan, who demands his Corellian Ale. Though reluctant at first, Lance turns over that Ale and accopponies the Twi’lek to his Cantina. Inside, Lance meets Brianna, a gorgeous Human female with a bad ‘tude. She offers Lance a job..who in rather suave fashion agrees…whilst wiping the drool of his chin!
She accomponies Lance to his ship where he rounds up the rest of ’his’ crew. There they learn that they are bound for Tatooine, in particular Anchorhead….

The Story so Far.....

The Dark Tyranny of the Empire is felt throughout the Galaxy, from Coruscant to Nar Shaddaa. The Jedi Order, once Guardians of the Peace in the galaxy is now but a fading memory, no longer the glimmer of hope it used to be. The Stormtroopers, once fighting for the populace, now hound its every move. Suppression of non-human species has led to slavery and poverty. Though not all is Lost…
On the Zel Sonn space station, orbiting the Core World of Bentraal, a shuttle docks and its passengers leave. Entering the promenade, they are pushed aside by several Stormtroopers chasing a young women, who appears to be badly wounded. Three figures step forward to pretect the poor women. A blaster is fired, held by a Droid, who stands defiantly against fist of the Empire. Thus, a Rebellion is born!

The player characters HK-47, Varidium Salabos manage to rescue the women, who, when within the confines of her room, reveals to them that she is an agent from Alderaan. She was sent to retrieve some cargo, though she is unwilling to reveal its contents. When asked, she reveals her name is Maya. HK-47, who was sent to escort Maya safely to Aldreaan agrees to assist her. Varidium Salabos, told to assist her by his comapanion accompanies the Droid.
Maya informs the heroes that she was supposed to be meeting a droid by the name of Switch, in Storage Bay V14. The heroes investigate V14, where true to Maya‘s word, they meet Switch, a droid information broker. After a long, drawn out conversation with Switch, they learn that the cargo is in fact a frozen Alderannian scout, returning from the Deep Core, before they can learn more, however, the heroes are interupted by blaster shots from outside Bay V14. Through the door bursts a rather mean Rodian called Ganga Lor. A fight ensues between the heroes and Ganga Lor’s thugs. Luckily, the heroes subdue the thugs and Ganga Lor, rescueing Switch and preserving their information….


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